In the past, men would often associate caring for the children and housework with women’s roles in society. Likewise, women had become accustomed to that stereotype, and never thought to challenge that idea until the principle of feminism emerged. Feminism is a way for women to embrace who they are and enforce the principle that they deserve to be treated equally as men.

Over the pass century, women have gained more rights like the ability to vote and the opportunity to own a business. In addition, women have proven that we can be as equally powerful as men. Women have the ability to make their own decisions and to voice their opinions more freely. Therefore, women today are not expected to be a hundred percent compliant to their husband’s commands, but instead to reach a compromise.

I believe that every woman should embrace feminism. It reminds me how I am proud to be a strong and independent woman. While there are privileges to being pampered or babied by men, I do not want them to pity me or give me certain reprieves just because of my gender. I expect to be self-sufficient and able to provide for myself. Therefore, whether women want to be heard or not, the notion that we deserve to be viewed equally and have the possibility to voice our opinions openly is incredible. In addition, this principle has motivated women to think big and set high goals and standards for themselves. There are no longer limitations or restrictions on what women are capable of achieving. All women should acknowledge the fact that men cannot suppress them and if women band together, they will make a huge impression and inevitably alter how society views us. While not everyone can fully embrace this idea, I think with time more people will grasp the concept of feminism and accept that it is a move in the right direction.

Also we have to remember that we are not alone. Men too can embrace the idea of feminism and help to advocate the idea.


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