Does it ADd Up?

Advertising has become a vital part of marketing in today’s society. It often persuades people to purchase particular brand-name clothing or expensive items even though it is unnecessary. Not to mention, these things could easily be purchased at a more reasonable price.

Abercrombie and Fitch

One example is this particular Abercrombie and Fitch advertisement. On it a man and women are supposedly being displayed in their clothing. However, it’s interesting that only the man’s face is actually visible and the customers infer that that the other person is a woman based on her physic. In addition, the man is sitting upright looking nonchalant, while also resting his head on the woman’s feet. The woman in comparison is shown lying down facing in the opposite direction, more towards the ground, with her head unseen in the advertisement. Already the set up of the models shows a distinct different between genders. In particular it hints at the fact that men exhibit larger power dominance over women.

Also I think Abercrombie and Fitch is trying to lure customers by including another underlying message. For example, the brand attracts women’s attention by choosing a young and fit man. The people viewing this advertisement mainly see his abs and not the actual clothing. Also for men you see the woman’s midriff enticing them to consider this brand. Similarly the brand wants to encourage men that they will be able to enjoy this same type of leisure portrayed in this particular advertisement, which is a false sense of hope and the wrong message to send about what the clothing will actually do for you.

This advertisement has little to do with the clothing of the brand, but more about attracting a particular audience. Furthermore, the company wanted to make such a statement about the people, since they covered the majority of the brand title. The company believes that people will be able to distinguish which brand this is and that they have a large enough following. Either that or they want to peek other consumers’ interest and hope that it is so interesting that they will spend the time to look into the brand.

Leaving me with the question, what are companies’ main reasons for advertising?


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